The 28 Year Journey

Gökhan Eşeli is an ex-diplomat and entrepreneur. His relationship with Cuba has begun in the mid 90’s when he was stationed in Havana as a diplomat. During his term on the island, Mr. Eşeli achieved several political and economic breakthroughs in diplomatic relations with the isolated nation. He has vast knowledge about Cuban life. He believes diplomatic skills are even more essential in international business.

After his diplomatic career, Mr. Eşeli had gained extensive experience in the media sector through his various companies worldwide.

Momentum Cuba is pioneering the launch of Cuban science as well as Cuban heathcare products globally. It is also the only foreign company that has been granted permission by the Cuban state to carry it’s name. Mr. Eşeli regards this as a special honor bringing more responsibility on the whole corporation and it’s brands.

Gökhan Eşeli applies the principles of constant learning, critical thinking and complex problem-solving as the main fundamental business skills at Momentum Cuba. He regards “any contribution to better the lives of humans as the utmost satisfaction and fullfillment”…

Cuban Science is Treasure

Momentum Cuba is a healthcare & biotechnology company whose products prevent and cure various diseases.