With 28 years of political, social and business experiences in Cuba, Gökhan Eşeli was motivated by the historic events that took place in 2016 to found our company focusing solely on the island. This is how Momentum Cuba emerged in the international business scene.

We are a visionary, dynamic and execution oriented company specializing in healthcare and biotechnology.

Our past experiences in the Cuban system, being on the ground everyday, understanding as well as respecting the realities of the country are our key strenthgs. Our ability to combine such strengths with international know-how makes us unique.




Research & Development

The Company

Momentum Cuba is a healthcare & biotechnology company whose products prevent and cure various diseases. Our products are categorized as:
A) Nutritional Supplements
B) Dermocosmetics

Our team consists of dedicated scientists and doctors focusing on important areas of healthcare related to: immunology (tumor-molecular), dermatology, oncology, genetic engineering and natural medicine.

Momentum Cuba is operating with two main offices in Havana and Istanbul. Our third facility is a R&D and production laboratory located in a scientific hub.

We also provide all treatment programs that the Cuban Healthcare System offers such as: cancer cure, neurologic rehabilitations and more.

In brief, Momentum Cuba relentlessly pursues longevity for humans.


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Patient Comments

Covid-19 and Cuba's Success

Statistics on Cuba

* In Cuba no child has died because of Covid-19.
* In Cuba %80 of Covid-19 patients in critical conditions recovered, whereas in the US %80 of critically ill patients have died.
* Cuba is the only country that sent its doctors to over 40 foreign countries during this international health crisis.
* Cuba created and distributed a new homeopathic immunological booster to prevent Covid 19.
* Cuba’s prophylactic approach to Covid-19 achieved important results:

- The US reported aprox 3,668 cases per million of the population, with a total of 211 deaths per million.
- Canada reported aprox 1,610 cases per million of the population with a total of 102 deaths per million.
- Cuba reported 147 cases per million of the population, with a total of 6 deaths, per million.
(5 May 2020 statistics),

- Cubapla

This product has widely been used as a complementary diet in patients recovering from Covid-19. The Ministry of Public Health has started clinical trials with cubapla due its extraordinary nutritive effect on Covid-19 patients.


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