/ 4 December 2020

Turks Queued for Cancer Vaccine in Cuba

While Cuba’s health revolution led the USA to lift the embargo on the country in this field, it also created serious activity in the country’s health tourism. Former Cuban Deputy Ambassador Gökhan Eşeli mediates patients from Turkey with the opportunity to receive treatment in Cuba with the Momentum Cuba company he founded. Explaining that Cuba has come to the fore in the treatment of certain diseases, especially lung cancer, Eşeli said, “We are faced with a serious demand from Turkey, especially from those who want to go to Cuba for cancer vaccination.” Eşeli stated that they are the authorized representatives of the Cuban Ministry of Health and that they have the authority to mediate all services offered by the Cuban health system.

How does the process work?

According to the information provided by Eşeli, cancer is by far the leading field in health tourism in Cuba. There are three different cancer vaccines developed by the country in areas such as lung, colon cancer and brain tumor. The cancer vaccine is a curative, not preventive, invention in Cuba. Eşeli underlined that the vaccine is a complementary service, not an alternative, and that it claims to prolong life, not a definitive treatment. Providing information about the process, Eşeli said, “We receive the reports of the patients and deliver these reports to the necessary points within the Cuban Health System. We have access to Health Banking’s online system. Our general surgeon carries out these processes. “In parallel with the return from Cuba, we take the patient and help him get the service he wants,” he said. Explaining that the most demand is for the cancer vaccine, Eşeli said, “Patients go there, receive treatment for a week, and then return with the vaccine they will use in the following period.”

Biotechnology facility plan

So, are every patient accepted? Eşeli said that the system in Cuba is not based on profit, and that some patients are not accepted for this service, which starts at a fee of 15 thousand euros, on the grounds that they cannot respond to the treatment to be offered. According to the information provided by Eşeli, Cuba has directed all its public resources to this field for 60 years in order to make a revolution in health, and now it is reaping the rewards. Health services in the country are completely free to citizens. The sustainability of the system is ensured by charging a certain fee to those coming from abroad. Eşeli emphasized that hospitals in the country are not like 5-star hotels, but they meet all standards. The country that exports the most doctors to the world still has the world’s largest hospital. Momentum Cuba President also announced that they have plans to establish a health center with a health unit and biotechnology facility in Cuba in the coming period.

Special permission to use Cuba in company name

It is necessary to obtain special permission to use country names in company names. Stating that they received special permission from the Cuban state to get the name Momentum Cuba, Gökhan Eşeli explained that they are the only company in Turkey with a foreign state name and that they operate in Cuba not only in health but also in all areas of tourism. After becoming a diplomat, Eşeli started working as a producer in the media sector, and after the demand during Obama’s surprise visit to Cuba, he entered the sector by taking luxury tours to the country from the USA. 15 thousand people from Turkey travel to Cuba every year. The direct flights operated by THY in the last year also had an impact on the increase in the number. “I was appointed to Cuba at my own request in 1996. I was the Deputy Ambassador in Cuba at that time, when Turkey and Cuba were flirting and Leyla Umar was having dinner with Fidel Castro. I know the country, its language and institutions very well. “I am now using this experience in tourism,” said Eşeli, adding that they continue to provide luxury tours from the USA to Cuba while providing services in every segment in Turkey. The company also has an office in Havana. Momentum Cuba aims to expand its activities to include the American continent from Colombia to San Salvador in the coming period.

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