/ 13 June 2024

Cuban Experience

Cuban Experience

Gökhan Eşeli, The Founder Of The IslaPlus Brand, Which Created A Sensation In The Field Of Dermocosmetics And Emerged With Cuban Science With Advanced Formulas, Explains.

Can you tell us about your history with Cuba and how you created your brand?
My 25-year history with Cuba began when I served as a diplomat in Havana and continued as a businessman. From the first years I started living on the island, I discovered the country’s strong health system and unique products. I have personally seen how effective Cuban medicine and healthcare products are in treating patients, improving people’s quality of life, and improving the performance of Olympic athletes. I decided to open Cuba’s health products to the world under a brand, by bringing together the country’s state biotechnology companies and scientists. This is how the IslaPlus brand, with which we continue clinical studies in the dermocosmetics category together with Cuban scientists, was formed.

What kind of content and effect does Crema de Habana, which you describe as the elixir of eternal youth, have?
Dermatological products developed by Cuba using biotechnological methods as a result of extensive clinical studies rank first in the world. I personally saw the miraculous results obtained on severely damaged skin, especially at the treatment center established in Havana for the treatment of those affected by the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster. By investing in this technology and adapting it to luxury cosmetics, we created BioCubaTechnology (BCT). This high technology forms the basis of our Crema de Habana range.

In which areas does the premium hair and body care series work?
The shampoo, conditioner and hair growth lotion we developed with biotechnological methods are products based on the most comprehensive clinical experience in the world in this category. Our shower gel in this product group is also unique, especially for sensitive skin. Containing the latest technology in hair care products, 58 Biocuba Hair Lotion has a very effective formula that prevents hair loss and grows hair, the effect of which you will notice from the first use. 59 Biocuba ShoXer Gel was also developed especially with sensitive skin in mind.

There are special supplements you have developed for anti-aging and bone health for pre-menopause and menopause, which are very important for women. Can you talk about its effects on users?
We developed the Cubapla product to cope with osteoporosis during menopause. Cubapla, a versatile supplement containing unique concentrated protein, amino acids and minerals, offers the fastest and natural solution for bone and joint health. It also has an effective anti-aging feature that slows down the aging process by increasing cell functioning. Another superfood is Spirel Spirulina. This product, which is the food source containing the highest amount of protein and antioxidants in nature, helps especially those who are on a diet to get adequate nutritional value and prevents energy loss. It is a natural food supplement that is also preferred by those who do intense sports.

The dermocosmetics series includes scientifically developed formulas for skin problems such as vitiligo and psoriasis. What are the feedback from those who use these supportive products?
We are currently providing the highest rate of improvement in the treatment of vitiligo with our product called Locion Pigmentante, which has an 85 percent success rate. In our clinical studies, the skin color obtained during the treatment process can become the same as the patient’s normal skin. With its pigment enhancing function, it is also effective for sensitive areas such as the mouth area, eyes and genital areas in the treatment of skin depigmentation. Crema Bioactivante is an important support in the treatment of psoriasis, eczema and similar skin diseases. It supports the restructuring of the skin by affecting the lowest layers of the epidermis from the first application.


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