It is acknowledged by unbiased scientific circles that Cuban vaccines and immune therapies are one of the best treatments in the world considering these 3 factors below:

1. No side effects
2. High therapeutic results
3. Reasonable costs


Biomodulina T ® is a biological immune-modulator of natural origin. It is an extract of calf thymus containing specific fractions of polypeptides with low molecular weight and hormones.

The thymus gland plays a vital role in the immune system by producing and secreting a set of polypeptides and hormones that act in the differentiation of T cells. This on the other hand, ensures normal development of the mechanisms of immunity and particularly the maturation as well as differentiation of T lymphocytes.

The pharmacological effect and safety of Biomodulina T has been demonstrated in clinical trials in humans. Its main action is to stimulate the production of T Lymphocytes and to strengthen the differentiation of the lymphoblastoid cells of the Thymus. It also has proven anti-inflammatory effects. Biomodulina T is useful in delaying the immune-senescence process in general.

Biomodulina T has very favorable results in the prevention of recurrent infections among the elderly, due to its immune-restorative effects counteracting immune senescence.

In addition to this, the clinical experience and known mechanisms of action suggest its successful application in other immune-pathologies such as: thymus hypoplasia in children; complementary treatment to antiretroviral therapy in HIV/AIDS patients; severe sepsis; and immune-restoring therapy in patients subjected to chemo/radiotherapy especially with cancer.

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