Covid-19 Solutions

– Statistics – “Cuba vs The World”

  • In Cuba no child has died because of Covid-19.
  • In Cuba %80 of Covid-19 patients in critical conditions recovered, whereas in the US %80 of critically ill patients have died.
  • Cuba is the only country that sent its doctors to over 27 foreign countries during this international health crisis.
  • Cuba created and distributed a new homeopathic immunological booster among the island’s population to help prevent Covid-19.
  • Cuba’s prophylactic approach to Covid-19 achieved important results:
    – The US reported aprox 3,668 cases per million of the population, with a total of 211 deaths per million.
    – Canada reported aprox 1,610 cases per million of the population with a total of 102 deaths per million.
    – Cuba reported 147 cases per million of the population, with a total of 6 deaths, per million.
    (5 May 2020 statistics),

– Biomodulina-T

In addition to antiviral drugs, immune boosting interventions are one of the most promising strategies to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly as a prevention program limiting the spread of the disease and protecting high-risk groups. The stimulation of both specific and nonspecific or innate immunity is clearly one of the main targets.

Biomodulina T® pharmacological action and indications for treatment of recurrent respiratory infections in the elderly, including those of viral etiology, make this medicine an effective alternative to strengthen immunity and prevent the development of Covid-19. This indication is particularly supported by the existing clinical evidence on Biomodulina T’s effect to antagonize immunosenescence. Specifically, its stimulatory action on the differentiation and activation of T cells, inducing increase of naive CD4+ T cells and of their proliferative capacity, as well as, of the T CD4+ capability to produce IFN-γ.

Interview with Dr. Francisco Duran, National Director of Epidemology
(DR. DURAN interview 15:25-17:40)


– Cubapla

This product has widely been used as a complementary diet in patients recovering from Covid-19. The Ministry of Public Health has started clinical trials with CUBAPLA due its extraordinary nutritive effect on Covid-19 patients.

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